At Rapid Development we are able to draw upon a diverse range of experience. The services we offer are as follows:

Online systems development - Say your business needs its employees to access its systems from any location in the world, or perhaps your clients/customers need to access a sub-set of your systems (for example you may wish to place your stock online, in which case your employees need to amend the stock lists whilst customers place orders). Either way, you need an online system.

Rapid Development can put your business in direct contact with the world, rapidly, cost-effectively and securely, thus further expanding the reach of your goods and/or services.

Network installation - If your business incorporates 3 or more computers, or perhaps 20 to 100+, then you should be looking to network your machines. Or perhaps you already have a network installed and are experiencing connectivity issues or are looking to further utilise your network infrastructure.

Rapid Development can help ensure the safety of your work and increase the efficiency of your employees through the numerous advantages obtainable from a properly installed network. We can help you centralise your work for shared access, share your resources such as printers, Internet connectivity etc... thus allowing your employees access to all of your resources simultaneously. And most importantly of all, we can introduce automated backups to help prevent any loss of work.

IT support & consultancy - Perhaps you own a small business and are unable to justify the expense of employing full-time qualified staff to support your existing systems. Again we are able to provide assistance in this area whether you require regular, or occasional, on site or phone support.

In addition we provide IT consultancy. Therefore, if you are looking to introduce, or further develop, IT within your business and require professional guidance as to how to proceed, then we can help clear up those gray areas with frank and impartial advice.

Training - Of course a system is only ever as good as its user(s), and without proper training many of the benefits achieved through efficient IT can be negated. At Rapid Development we appreciate the importance of systems training whether it be for third-party systems or our own.

We offer both one-on-one and group training for all of our systems. In addition, we also provide training for third-party systems.

Home tuition - If you are a home user, or perhaps need to get up to speed in the office, and require one-on-one tuition with software such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excell, Adobe Photoshop etc..., then we can provide in home tuition.

We are more than experienced in ono-on-one tuition and realise the importance of patience and a friendly attitude. Your level of computer literacy is not an issue, we will always progress at your pace and your pace alone.